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Masculinity in the context of Bikini Kill: Is Violence Necessary to Enjoy a Punk Show?

By Tate DeCarlo, KUPS Loud Rock Music Director Cover Art by Rhae Schulz-O’Neil, KUPS Media Director I’ve always accepted violence as an inherent part of punk, in the music itself as well as the culture. An anger-fueled genre of high tempo drums, thrashing guitar and strained screaming vocals; punk embodies rage by nature. Born of… Read more Masculinity in the context of Bikini Kill: Is Violence Necessary to Enjoy a Punk Show?

The Osees Concert

Review by Tio Lloyd September 10th, 2022 John Dwyer and The Osees lit up an eager crowd at Neumos in Seattle. If you’re not familiar with The Osees, never fear, I hadn’t heard their music before this show and didn’t know what to expect either. The band itself evades definition and genre. Their 26 studio… Read more The Osees Concert

Rose Dorn Interview (2020)

words by Nayra Halaijan (Rose Dorn, Jamie, Scarlet, Joey, from left to right) Los Angeles-based band Rose Dorn made a stop at the KUPS Studio in September to chat with General Manager Nayra Halaijan. Band members Scarlet, Joey, Jamie, and their friend Derec (OMW2HEAVEN) talk about all things involving music, LA, and every possible tour… Read more Rose Dorn Interview (2020)

KUPS Takes Treefort Music Fest

By Maximilian Tapogna This spring break I had the opportunity to cover Treefort Music festival in Boise, Idaho for KUPS. Although not usually counted among the top spring break destinations for college students, Boise is stunning this time of year. The sun was almost always out; musicians and concert goers flooded the streets downtown. All… Read more KUPS Takes Treefort Music Fest