General Manager

Eliana Goldberg (she/her)

Eliana is the General Manager of KUPS. You can usually find her taking naps in awkward spaces or on the hunt for a good snack. A lover of fudgesicles, bolo ties and wild flowers (in that order). Ask her about her fraternity presidency and about #DuaLipa. 

Programming Director

Anna Dupont (they/she)

Senior majoring in biology and minoring in Spanish. Interests include poetry, tundra biomes, science fiction, cooking, monster trucks, and paddling. Current music obsessions include 90s garage, Ian MacKaye, the Def Jam Fight for NY soundtrack, and UK grime. Unironic Drake fan. Ask me about my favorite underground hip hop label or my research on microplastics to unlock my nerdy side.

Business Manager

Emmett Carrier (he/him)

 Hi! My name is Emmett Carrier (he/him) and I am a Junior from San Juan Island, WA. I am majoring in Finance within the Business Leadership Program with minors in Economics and Mathematics. This is my first year being a part of KUPS and I am so excited to be taking the role of Business Director. Around campus, I am often studying at the library, playing club soccer on lower Baker, pitching stocks to the investment club, listening to music in the booth, or grabbing some food from the Cellar. I am so happy to be a part of KUPS’ talented community of DJs, MDs, Interns, and Managers that make the station so special. Feel free to come say hi if you see me around campus to talk about music, school, sports, or any other interests!

Marketing and Promotions Director

Brad Hankin (he/him)

Hi! I’m Brad! I am a junior here at UPS. I am majoring in communication studies with a minor in studio art. I love art, animals, and music. 

Specialty Director

Laura Woodhouse (they/she)

Laura is the specialty music director, a banjo enthusiast and a staunch advocate for the Oxford comma. Their most recent tarot reading advised them to think less about appearances, so catch them in their senior year disengaging from the corporeal form! If you see them on campus, say hi and tell them about your favorite hot sauce!

Specialty Director

Jake Larson (he/him)

Jake Larson is a Minnesotan Sophomore majoring in Religion. He likes cooking, Hawaiian shirts, vinyl, and funky sunglasses. He listens to a lot of 90’s alternative and is always jazzed to find a new weird soundtrack. His gum of choice is Watermelon Extra.

Alternative Director

Ella DeMerritt (she/they)

Hi everyone! My name is Ella, I use she/they pronouns, and I am super thrilled to be the co-alternative music director for KUPS this year. I’m a senior double majoring in Politics and Government and International Political Economy, and I also do stuff for Repertory Dance Group and Garden Club. I cannot be trusted with a library card.  Ask me about my Dungeons and Dragons character build. I really like MasterChef.


Milo Hensley (they/them/theirs)

Budding cryptocurrency entrepreneur. Interested in Men’s wellbeing, atheism, debate, skincare, Japanese culture, hunting and NASCAR. I like songs that awaken my inner wolf. 

Alternative Director

Thaddeus Smith (he/him)

Hey everyone! I’m Thad, this year’s co-director for alt at KUPS. I’m a senior studying English and Spanish! When I’m not doing schoolwork or running around for the station, you can catch me re-watching my favorite TV shows which are (but not limited to): Community, Teen Titans, Lost, Avatar: the Last Airbender, or New Girl. As far as music goes, I love David Bowie, Victor Jara, and Dan Auerbach, they’re pretty cool dudes (again, it is not limited to these guys). For those that love to dabble in astrology, I’m a Cancer sun, Cancer moon, and Sagittarius rising 🙂 Feel free to say hi whenever and give me song/movie/show recommendations!    ​

Loud Rock Director

Tate DeCarlo (he/him)

Hailing from Portland, OR, Tate (He/Him) is the director of all rock that is loud at KUPS. He was told by a hypnotist at a young age that his spirit animal is a squirrel, so it comes as no surprise he’s nuts for punk. He is an English major and an avid consumer of anti-capitalist literature. Some of his favorite things outside of the classroom are sweaters, eggs benedict, skateboarding, collecting Levis 550s, Wii Mariokart, and making fun of the Straight Edge lifestyle. If you see him around campus, you can leave a trail of breadcrumbs and he will follow you home to ramble about CDs or Studio Ghibli.

Hip-Hop Director

Abby Steward (she/her)

WAZZAAAP! My name is Abby and I’m the Hip Hop MD for KUPS this year! I am super stoked to be here, to meet new and old DJs, and to build a family with everyone who loves music (almost) as much as me(we can fight about this later). My hobbies are mainly centered around music— I love to listen to vinyl and play guitar, but as a wildcard I love to roller skate and go to the gym! Can’t wait to see everyone and be back in the booth again 😀

Electronic Music Director

Tio Lloyd (he/him)

Tio (he/him) is a senior who loves playing music with his friends, barking at dogs, and swimming at Point Defiance with little seals and fish. Tio is the electronic music director and enjoys going to concerts, so hit him up if you want to talk about electronic music from synths to DnB or want to go to concerts!

Production Director

Libby Regan (they/them)

Hey! My name is Libby.  I use they/them pronouns. I am a sophomore. I’m a double major in art and art history. I like Willem Dafoe and electronic music. I love eyeliner.

Media Director

Rhae Schulz-O’Neil (she/they)

Rhae is a Studio art and Chinese double major. When she’s not in the studio you can find them dancing in the locker room with the rest of the women’s basketball team and eating pickles. Don’t mention sweet pickles to them or you’ll be hated on.

Media Intern

Eva Schweber (she/her)

Hi everyone! My name’s Eva and I am a media intern at KUPS <3. I am originally from Los Angeles, I use she/her pronouns and I am a sophomore majoring in art history. I am a big fan of the “good for her” film trope, elderflower beverages, and drawing silly little things. 

Media Intern

V Solar-Miller (they/she)

I run a radio show called obsessions. Visibly homosexual. I grew up in books. I throw up in parking lots frequently. Cooking enthusiast. I love Courtney Barnett, Julia Jacklin, Mitski, and Fiona apple. Don’t ask me to drive.

Marketing Intern

Tova Mertz (she/they)

 librarian, music enthusiast, party rocker.  

Marketing Intern

Gwen Lindberg (she/her)

Hey everyone!! I’m Gwen (she/her), a sophomore majoring in math and environmental policy and a marketing intern this year! You can catch me cleaning up my own spills around campus or wandering the streets of Tacoma opening every little free library I pass. 🙂

Music Intern

Leo Segal (they/them)

Hey all! I’m Leo, I prefer they/them pronouns, I’m originally from LA, I’m a sophomore here at UPS, and I’m a music intern for KUPS. My favorite genres of music to listen to are 60’s-70’s rock, old school hip hop, and jazz fusion. I play several instruments, including guitar, piano, and bass. I also skateboard, workout in the gym, and love good nature. My favorite snack is banana with peanut butter. I’m so excited to see all the things we can accomplish as a community within Puget Sound, Tacoma, and more!

Music Intern

Simon Plotkin (he/him)

I’m a music intern for kups! stream plantasia by mort garson. enthusiastic about fungus, the color green, sushi, snails, and the concept of nocturnality. one day i’m gonna leave this all behind and become a river person. Ask me about “simon’s leg.”

Music Intern

Sabine Harris-Boundy (any pronouns)

Hey, I’m Sabine (suh-bean), and I’m an English and GQS major. Big into gardening, cooking, and being outside (especially in the rain). Discovering new music and hanging with pals are my big time loves.​​

Music Intern

Eva Grenawalt (she/her)

Eva is a Coloradan senior music intern majoring in psychology. She loves squishing cats, taking personality tests, slowly riding her bike, Danish rap, and Thai food. Don’t ask her about bread. Also, do not forget to come order a vanilla oat milk latte from her at Divs. 

Music Intern

Sara Guillen (she/her)

HEY!!! I’m Sara (she/her) and I’m from Bozeman, Montana. I’m so stoked to be part of KUPS as a Music Intern this year! My favorite word is zombie and my second favorite word is puke. I like berries and the ocean and the color green and dance parties. Big fan of fist bumps- so let’s do that. Looking forward to it 🙂

Production Intern

Paul Matero (they/them)

My name is Paul, I’m a sophomore from Ann Arbor Michigan. I am the production intern and this year is my second year as a DJ and first year on staff. outside of class, you can find me walking around campus looking like I don’t know where I’m going. My favorite things in life are 80’s Sci-Fi, Ralph Bakshi Movies, and Jim Henson Puppets.