Connecting the Dots with Perry Porter

One Friday night nearing the end of my first semester at UPS, I was advised to “hit-up the hip hop show in [some kid’s] basement on the corner of [some dead president] Street and [some number]th Avenue”. Blindly following the directions, I found myself opening the door to a jam-packed house that smelled of pot, sweat, and Rainier- I knew then, I had found the right place. I followed my ears down to the basement where I walked in on a small sea of people raising their hands and bobbing their heads to a clean rhythm and a sonorous voice. Before I knew it, I had joined the masses and was lost in fluent flow of this man’s verses and the kick of the 808. 

I came to learn that the voice I was hearing was that of Perry Porter- an artist who hails from the neighboring community Spanaway, WA. His deep, full voice and melodic flow is reminiscent of a young Jay-Z. His wholesome beats leave you satisfied with what you’ve heard yet eager for the next track. Familiarize yourself with the man, the painter, the musician, Perry Porter below, and make sure to peep his artwork on and

Under it All main photo

Headaches main photo

“Under it all” ; “Headaches”


I am…

Perry Porter aka Black Brad Pitt aka Mr. Perfect. Hailing all the way from Spanaway, WA (SWAYSIDE) Hhmm, I see myself as a mid 40s Latina MILF who only likes white women… haha or something like this. 

I create…

Hip Hop Music and I LOVE painting pretty ladies (Mostly in Watercolor) but I wish I could sing so I could be in a jazz band. I’d sing about doing drugs and speaking to Robert Johnson and Tupac on three way. Haha yeah that’d be so sick. 

My daily routine includes…

Wake up, go back to bed, wake up, go back to bed. I’ll do that for a few hours then I’ll paint or write music depending on what my dreams or night was like. After that i’ll watch some anime or a documentary… Like, dude I LOVE documentary. You should check Century of The Self, that’s prob my favorite documentary ever. Too good man, too good. Oh and there’s this one about Ants that’s pretty dope but I forgot the title is haha. haha I guess Google it?

When I go to the grocery store, I always make sure to cop…

PORK!! Praise to the most high. Pork is the fucking truth, bruh. I need to try that bacon beer asap… anyway… I could go on about pork man. haha what else  is note worthy? hhmm Ginger Beer (Highly recommend it), Cinnamon toast crunch, dried mangoes, beer and condoms (highly recommend those too)…

and more pork.

I produce my best work when… 

While folding my socks. You ever rap to yourself while you fold socks, homie? That shit is therapeutic fuck, son!

My biggest inspiration is… 

Seeing women lose themselves within their art form, like when they’re performing, ya know?.. My favorites are Amy Winehouse, Billie Holiday, Erykah Badu, Lora Zombie, Charmaine Olivia… and Skin Diamond. hehe

Stop what you’re doing and go check out… 

Dan Quintana. Dudes paintings are fucking insane! 

In four years you’ll find me…

Shiiiitt. I see myself high on shrooms in a slick ass three piece doing my first real art show in some big ass museum asking my manager if I can leave yet cause my favorite anime is on in 30 mins and I promised my puppy we’d watch it together. Music wise… at the Grammys, head down playing my giga pet and texting my friends how stupid this shit is before accepting a Grammy. 

You can find my work at…, @PerryPorter (Instagram & Twitter), and

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